It all began with a trusty _TrIp_ to good ole’ CAMDEN TOWN, a place where the legal highs are most exquisite, all complete with lovely psychedelic decor and trippy Psy-trance beats blasting from amongst psychedelic stalls, people selling every kind of goodie the psychedelic mind be satisfied and then some! Not to mention the lovely sweet sweet smells of food from around the world, and also other tribal stalls selling every kind of tribal instruments made my human hands. A Beautiful place I recommend.
buy Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds
A certain shop caught my attention. Within seconds I feasted my psychedelic eye upon an intensely satisfying selection of natural highs set out amongst all sorts of mind boggling psychedelic wall art! The choices (not to mention many many many more :)—fly amanita – salvia – kratom.. you know your stuff 😉 …. I settled with a well chosen choice of (12) Hawaiian Baby Woodrose Seeds , a good choice indeed.

Now I’m tripping

A few hours later back home in Essex, after popping all 12 of the hallucinogenic seeds (+ 1h ) I note some stomach upset at first (but I learned from past experiences NOT to eat any food before hand OTHERWISE YOU WILL THROW UP). The scene is a beautiful woodland, luscious greenery spring time in full blossom. (+01.15h)

Now I defiantly feel the hallucinogen kicking in, a lovely warm body high accompanied by a comforting tingly sensation all over (much like being drunk) myself laying on a sofa in the woods whilst my friends roaming the woodland attacking trees with sticks (back in the good old days lol), everything looking extremely crisp and very colourful! (+2.30hr) Stretching my arms out to try to stand up everything looks panoramic and very wide angle (NOW I’m TriIpPpInG) WOW,
feeling so luscious and comforted friendly fractals sparking colourful warming images as my friend sparks a fire..
Baby Woodrose Seeds
Then I try to stand up after over 1h 30mins of laying down, bad move lol—I do indeed flop to the floor (I couldn’t feel my legs!) as my friend assists me up, he notices my extremely wide dilated pupils, this is normal on psychedelics i assure him- reassured , we continue on through the woodland enjoying ourselves admiring the fullness of the hallucinations in and amongst the flaming fire. One past time that I do recall whilst tripping on LSA is pretending to be an aero plane (it felt so real) haha , I had much fun.

Hope to hear your trip reports!.. And remember friends DO NOT EAT ANY FOOD BEFORE or AFTER FOR AT LEAST 2HR AFTER INGESTING THE SEEDS or YOU WILL PUKE otherwise. (it is rumoured that the husk of the shell contains cyanide(peel off the husk if you can))

Aaron. x

Yesterday a friend (Pirate) and I (Squid) tried 8-10 Hawaiian baby woodrose seeds each we bought from Avalonmagicplants, we scraped the fluff coating off the seeds and soaked them in cold water then scraped them again to insure there was no coating left, we then grinded them up in a weed grinder, we put the powder in our mouths for something like 10-15 mins, we were going to spit the seeds out but by this point but I’d already swallowed most of it by accident so we decided to swallow the rest.

Ten minutes later I still had no effect so we shared a joint while waiting, after the joint I felt slightly intoxicated but put it down to a placebo, all of a sudden I was hit by a massive euphoria like something similar to ecstasy coupled with a slight body high similar to saliva but not as prickly, I kept quiet about it for a while until my friend told me he was off his face. We decided that this was so amazing that we had to phone our friend (old man) to tell him how awesome we felt. The euphoria lasted about half an hour to an hour, we were laughing so hard at each other and at how wide our pupils had gotten, we both had the worst nausea for an hour or two, it’s hard to say as we both had no concept of time.
buy Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds
After that the nausea and buzz went away we had another joint and some munchies while waiting to see if there was another phase, after a short while the nausea came back but not as bad as it was at first, I was getting euphoria rushes that were really strong they seemed wave / pulse like from the back of my brain to the front they got longer and stronger, even with the nausea and extreme euphoria I was very calm and happy, I didn’t tell pirate at first until he said ‘whoa I just had a mad rush’ I said I’d had a few myself and they were getting stronger. It was about half 2 in the morning by this point.

I was sure I was going to trip balls any minute, we were both a lil panicky as we felt as if we had no control over the situation but we were still in good spirits, all of a sudden me and Pirate felt a compulsion to turn off the TV and lights and just lie down and relax into it, after a good hour of the pulsing brain euphoria the effects were gradually wearing off, we both agreed that that was one of the most intense and at some points scary buzz ever, neither of us got any visions but I could imagine that you could trip with a higher dose. Also my friend Pirate seemed to feel the nausea more than myself, although scary at times it was a calm and reassuring feeling most of the time. I couldn’t imagine taking this at a party but with a good friend it was great. We took them at 11pm and the effects lasted until around 4am. Definitely not a experience for people who like to be in control, the effects were very strong, A damn site better than any tablet I have ever taken, It’s as if you have a comedown first E.G. the strong nausea in the very beginning, after the euphoria wore off I felt entirely sober and normal, I was kind of relieved and gutted it had ended.